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I can't help but come here to share my experiences with Frantastique. Normally I don't write this kind of comment or feedback for products because I think they are supposed to be created to serve the customers. Granted, I didn't find anything particularly good about this app when I first used it. Surely it wouldn't help you a big time if you only depend on it. But I still jumped right to this page to share my feelings after use. The team is extremely efficient and friendly. I only subscribed normal package (no premium and all that). I worried my feedbacks or problems would go to the bottom of their email box. It proves I was wrong! They reply very fast, normally within 24h! They are also being super helpful. I remember clearly that once I said it would be better if they had audio to go with only text so we can practice our listening too. Later voilĂ , they got the audio! They are really making this product customer-oriented. Whatever you say, they listen and they do for you. Their courses itself is also amusing. There are many lessons that made me have a laugh during study. My boyfriend laughed with me too. We appreciate this sense of humour. I'm still progressing little by little. My vocabulary is growing. I get to study a language during my scattered free time. Thank the team and their great effort for Frantastique. It's worth trying.

— Sophie F. (Shanghai, CHINA)